Car Transportation

Car transportation

Relocating the vehicles is another task which is tough. There is a high level of risk in shifting a car from one place to another. But now, no need to worry because Packers finder Packers and Movers are here for you. We help people in shifting their cars to a new place. Now you can feel relaxed because we guarantee for the safe delivery of your car to the final destination. Car Transportation in Delhi to All our india

Get the Best Services from Us

We provide our customers the best services of car transportation. We assure our customers for the safe delivery of their car anywhere across India. Also, the timings to pick the car are fixed as per the convenience of our customer. And one of the best thing is that we provide our customers free of cost insurance assistance. Movers and Packers provide their service in the reasonable rates to their customers.

The one main thing which gives stress to many people is the safety of their car. And it is very obvious, because there are many memories attached with the car. And we care for the emotions of our customers that are attached with their car. For that, we deliver the car of our customer’s in the same condition as it was. We at Packers finder packers and Movers take the special care of your car and transport it safely to the desired destination.

For the maximum safety, we have designed our carriers with the full security system. Our safety includes chains, locks, safety belts and wheel stoppers. We place your car on its position with the help of chains, safety locks and wheel stopper. Also our carriers make sure that your car doesn’t move inside the carrier once loaded. We also cover the seats of your car with our special seat cover and make sure that they does not get spoiled.

Ballpark Car Transportataion Cost Estimates – Price Table

Intercity Car Transportation Distance Intercity Car Transportation Charges
Up to 400 Km Rs 3,000 – 5,000
400 – 800 Km Rs 4,000 – 7,000
800 – 1300 Km Rs 5,000 – 9,000
1300 – 1900Km Rs 6,000 – 10,000

Home Shift + Car Transport Cost – Price Table

Distance Cost
Up to 400 Km Rs 12,000 – 26,000
400 – 800 Km Rs 14,000 – 30,000
800 – 1300 Km Rs 16,000 – 38,000
1300 – 1900Km Rs 19,000 – 42,000

Process of Relocating your Car

Our professional team comes to your doorstep and checks the condition of your car before loading it to the carrier. Then all the documents of a car are needed like pollution certificate, Driving License, Insurance copy and Id proof. Once your car is loaded, then we seal pack the keys of your car in a key pouch which makes sure to our customers that we won’t drive your car in any case. We also check your car in between of the journey if everything is fine.

Payment Options

We offer our car Relocation services with all kinds of payment methods for the satisfaction of our customers which includes credit cards, e-Cheques, personal Cheques, cash on delivery and so on. It gives the options to pay to our customers which make them feel comfortable at the time of payment.

We also offer our customers The Insurance Coverage Services for your vehicle at the time of transportation by which you have the possibilities to get your money for the physical damages of your vehicle. So, it will be good if you prefer to choose our services for the car Carriers.